Skin Care Tips For Summer

dermatologist examining senior woman's skin

During cold weather, your skin gets dry and harsh, and when summer comes, you fear going out because your skin might get damaged. Low temperatures, the wind, and indoor heat also damage the texture of your skin leaving it dull and dry. The following can assist you in getting your summer glow back even before the summer arises.

Facial mask for deep cleansing. This procedure is essential in doing away with the dirt and excess oil from your face. When selecting the facial mask, you must know your skin type then select according to it. For people with oily skin type, a clay mask is advised, but then you still have to take care if you have sensitive skin. Clay mask is known to get rid of the excess oils, therefore, reducing chances of getting acne. For the people with dry skin type, a moisturizing mask is recommended. This is because the mask removes the hard layer of dirt off your face leaving you with an instant glow. Contact the best newport beach dermatology experts near you.

You need to moisturize your face properly. After you are done with the deep face cleansing, moisturizing should follow. A good moisturizer is essential for the people with dry skin type because it gives the skin the necessary oil to prevent it from drying up. People with oily skin type should use a light moisturizer to enhance glow. When purchasing a moisturizer, pick the one with emollients and humectants contents. The two ingredients help the skin restore the moisture giving it a lasting softness and a nice glow.

Get yourself bronze loom by using powder. You can get your face the bronze look without having to expose it to the harsh sun rays. Sunrays consist of the ultraviolet rays which are dangerous to any part of your body since it leaves you with the dark or brown patches. You must use sun block every time you go out during summer time to avoid the sun rays direct on your skin. Use can use bronze powder alone with your makeup to get the tanned look. Apply the powder on your forehead, cheeks, jaw line, temples and your neck to get the bright glittery tanned look. When selecting the right shade of the powder bronze, you ought to pick a shade darker than your skin color. That is; light skin people should go for honey or peach color, the medium skin should go for rose or golden color, and the dark skin should use cinnamon or copper color. For more skin care tips, contact the best dermatologist in newport beach.


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